Artist Zephyr collaborated with Shift Radio to create this custom-designed t-shirt, offering an interpretation of Zephyr's artistic universe in celebration of SR's 3rd anniversary. The shirt showcases an integrated radio logo, skillfully screen-printed in branding green on high-quality 100% USA cotton. Notably, the garment undergoes a durable and shrink-free textile treatment through a meticulous dyeing process.


> Relax fit
> Knitted, cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles, California
> Screenprinted in Montreal, Canada

Zephyr Christakos-Gee is a painter and designer from Toronto, currently based in Montreal. His work explores and reflects the urban environment, popular culture and graphic ephemera of the past and present. Reacting against the dull sterility of digital spaces, his process embraces tactility, physicality and intuition. Zephyr’s background in graffiti can be seen in grungy yet playful characters and symbolism. In addition to traditional media he favours unconventional tools such as airbrush, textiles and industrial materials. Discover Zephyr.

All profits will be entirely used for the production of the radio.